June 22, 2020

On a mission to help its clients manage their businesses more effectively, ZappoTrack wanted to build a complex application that would allow businesses in the hospitality industry to take a photo of their invoices and dynamically upload it to a dashboard to track & predict purchase needs. Client reached out to DataSleek to build this application. The key functionality they were seeking was to automate the conversion of documents into numbers for sophisticated analytics.

DataSleek was in charge of modeling the database and choosing the right database technology.This was also a time sensitive project and we were tasked with quickly assembling a team of data engineers and data scientists to build the application.We put in place data processing to locate data in the documents, compute it, and store it in a data warehouse for near real time analytics.

The dashboards and the new application enabled Zappo Track to get relevant data from documents converted and displayed in a convenient dashboard, where all key team members can now get exactly the numbers they need – without combing through documents, saving valuable time. Zappo Track now has access to automated analytics tools to help them analyze scanned invoices and provide their customers better visibility into their products.
"Data Sleek team was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was satisfied with the level of work they provided. From first onboarding Data Sleek to the project, I could tell they brought a ton of data analytics and data warehousing expertise to the project. I would highly recommend DataSleek to anyone needing to build a data warehouse or a data analytics solution."
Riti Chrea - CEO of Zappo Track