Data Science Solutions

Make data work for your business

At Data Sleek, we help small and medium-sized businesses make their entry point into data management and collection.

Get accurate insights with our data science services
Get accurate insights

From one-off reports, to predictive models, to complex machine learning projects, we help you get all the operational intelligence you need in a format that fits your business. From supply forecasting, to quality management, to customer sentiment analysis.

Become a data-driven business

Start using data to inform business decisions – and get better context. We help you tag and classify data accurately so you can easily use it for advanced analytics.

we will create cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.
You don’t have to be a data scientist

Not sure what exactly you want us to build to solve your current business challenge?

That’s okay! Just tell us about your business challenges and goals and give us access to your data – and we’ll create cost-effective data science solutions to meet your needs.

Our clients love Data Sleek

Data Sleek’s commitment is unmatched; truly first class. Their Business Analysts provided an accurate and important Sales & Fulfillment Analysis report which will definitely help us drive some important business decisions.

Ron Peled, SQQUID, CEO

Wonderful experience, team was responsive and deeply knowledgeable, would recommend!

Alex Lee, NUMERADE, Co-Founder
Optimize business operations

Whether it’s marketing, sales or HR, getting accurate historical data and reliable predictions will enable you to spot trends sooner, do away with underperforming services before they eat your profit, know how much to produce, confidently scale your locations up or down, and more.

Get impactful analytics with tailored BI tools

Get intelligence in a format that fits your business. At Data Sleek, we can build a tailored Business Intelligence dashboard to help you get the insights you need in one place.

Discover endless possibilities with data science
Deep user behavior analysis
Predictive insights
Product comparisons
Product categories
Fraud detection
And more!
data science team
Need an on demand data science team? Ready to explore how data science can work for you?
Why Data Science?

Data Science is a term that can encompass a lot of different data related services. Some of these you can learn more about under Data Architecture or Data Engineering. Let’s break down why data science is so important and how it can positively impact your business!

Ready to get more out of your data?

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