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Scale painlessly while growing your data infrastructure

Is your business experiencing the symptoms of poor data architecture?
Slow applications, difficulty scaling
Latency spikes under load
Unscalable databases
Code that needs to be refactored
big data architecture
Mismanaged data models
We can help!
Power your app with an efficient database
Database issues? We'll help you optimize your existing database.

If your database is slow, or your application is crashing, the problem may be hiding inside the database or the application. Our data architecture solutions can help you identify the root cause and redesign your database for peak performance.

Building an app? Let us help you create a tailored database.

Know exactly what you need to build your app and design the optimum database that is made to scale and engineered to resist quick changes.

Optimize your application to take full advantage of your data
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Standardize your data and optimize how it is organized and displayed

Our data architecture services transform scattered knowledge into readable intelligence and develop scalable data architecture, enabling you to securely process large volumes of data from different sources and work with data in real-time.

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Get relevant data in the hands of decision makers

Our data architecture services make data accessible to you and your team – no matter the size of your team and the geographic distribution – and improve reporting functions.

data Architecture services
Scale your business confidently with the right data infrastructure

Bring your data in order, reduce storage costs, and create the infrastructure you need to support analytics. We create meaningful data architecture to help you develop stronger business processes that will allow you to scale.

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Data Sleek’s commitment is unmatched; truly first class. Their Business Analysts provided an accurate and important Sales & Fulfillment Analysis report which will definitely help us drive some important business decisions.

Ron Peled, SQQUID, CEO

Wonderful experience, team was responsive and deeply knowledgeable, would recommend!

Alex Lee, NUMERADE, Co-Founder
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Stop keeping data you don’t need

Too much data can be a bad thing. If you are not deleting unnecessary data, you’ll face high storage costs, inefficient, overloaded systems, and increased security risks. We help you define what data is needed and what can be culled and set up automated deletion protocols – so you can keep your data organized and clean.

Keep your data secure
Keep data secure

Depending on where your data is located, we ensure that your new platform is secure, address vulnerabilities in your existing databases, develop back-up processes, and educate you on the best practices when it comes to keeping your data safe.


Why Data Architecture
Why Data Architecture?

Data is everywhere in business – from systems, to departmental databases, spreadsheets, and reports. Often erratic and duplicated across systems, the quality of your data depends on multiple variables. Despite the chaotic quality your data can have it is the core of business – which makes the need for quality architecture more important.

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