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Make your data accessible and usable

Our data engineering services will assess your business needs and create robust, scalable data pipelines.

Data Engineering Consulting Services
Transform data into the ideal format for your business needs
Transform data into the ideal format for your business needs

Today’s businesses produce volumes of data and transforming it into a convenient format for analysis is a complex task. Prepare your data for analysis by transforming raw data into BI-friendly format for uniform, effective reporting and to help you make better business decisions.

DataSleek data Engineering
Create pipelines to transport data from source systems to your BI system

Transforming data into a report-friendly format is just one step. Getting it from point A (your source systems) to point B (your BI system) is a whole other task. Data Sleek’s data engineering services help you set up pipelines to effortlessly transfer large volumes of data from multiple sources for reporting.

Scale with automated data pipelines
Scale with automated data pipelines

Automate data pipeline to continually deliver data from source systems to your team in form of reports – effortlessly.

Need pipelines between your data source and a data warehouse?
Looking to scale reporting solutions?
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Data Sleek’s commitment is unmatched; truly first class. Their Business Analysts provided an accurate and important Sales & Fulfillment Analysis report which will definitely help us drive some important business decisions.

Ron Peled , SQQUID, CEO
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Wonderful experience, team was responsive and deeply knowledgeable, would recommend!

Alex Lee , NUMERADE, Co-Founder
Why Data Engineering Service
Why Data Engineering?

Like any engineer – Data Engineers design and build. In the case of data engineering, what they are building are the pipelines that transport and transform your data into an ideal format for your business needs. Pipelines take data from many disjointed and separate sources and collect them into a Data Lake or a Data warehouse that represents in a uniform way the single source of truth for the enterprise data. All reports depend on the Data Warehouse. Trust is key.

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