June 22, 2020
Since 2015 instiHub has been developing actionable management tools and unique data insights solutions for stakeholders of the asset management industry globally. What gives us passion is clients telling us that they derive competitive advantage and increase their revenue through our public and confidential data-based insights applications.

Instihub was experiencing challenges with its pricing table structure and it was causing performance issues. High query times were affecting the usage of the application. Datasleek were tasked with remodeling the complex structure, including associated stored procedures, to produce an optimized solution that wasn’t plagued with performance bottlenecks.

Datasleek analyzed the existing setup and quickly provided multiple solutions based on time, effort and cost. Our focus was on optimizing the query result time, making sure queries would return data in less than2 seconds.We proposed to build a caching mechanism that would cache the query after their first execution. We used dynamic SQL in stored procedure to generate the query and cache the queries in MySQL.We met with the client to answer all of their questions and provide further detail on different solutions. We implemented the caching mechanism in less than 1 month enabling Instihub to start using the new pricing table quickly.

Query times dropped from 60+ seconds to less than 2 seconds. The performance optimization has allowed the database pricing structure to cope with growing demands and alleviated one of the biggest sticking points the client had, enabling Instihub to convert more prospects into customers.
The end results were incredible, query times dropped from 10+ seconds to milliseconds! I would highly recommend Datasleek and will definitely be using their services again in the future.
Marc Weaver - CEO of Databasable, Instihub project partner