June 22, 2020
At SQQUID, we help brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes thrive, in-store and online. We know that omnichannel retail can be a daunting challenge, so our technology enables users to seamlessly grow and manage sales across different channels. We deliver tools that are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated; designed to future-proof retailers against rapid shifts in technology and e-commerce trends.

SQUIDD wanted to provide its customers with a simple yet comprehensive reporting solution - in a neat, branded dashboard. Client was looking to centralize key insights for each of their customers to drive business value. But with so many data points and so many different options in play, the process seemed daunting.

After looking at different options, Data Sleek recommended that Sqquid use Snowflake Computing to provide a fully managed data warehousing solution. Data Sleek also modeled some fact and dimension tables to store data efficiently and provide fast and scalable dashboard reporting solutions.


Data Sleek Tableau dashboard solution allows retailers to conductad-hoc analyses to improve key performance metrics like revenue,customer retention and long-term value. The solution also provides real-time information across KPIs to help Sqquid’s clients monitor important metrics such as order volume, revenue and fulfillment.Upgrading its product enabled Squidd to deliver more value to its clients and grow its revenue and market share.

"Data Sleek’s commitment is unmatched; truly first class. Their Business Analysts provided an accurate and important Sales & Fulfillment Analysis report which will definitely help us drive some important business decisions"
Ron Peled - CEO of Sqquid