Auto Rescue Solutions worked with Data Sleek to Modernize Data Operations

Auto Rescue Solutions (ARS) is among the largest roadside assistance providers serving key clients in the motor club and insurance business. This is evident in the volume of call requests they currently execute alongside their track-record, proven by more than 20 years of experience in the industry. When seeking roadside assistance, ARS is often the first to get the call. This is true in more than 20 major cities in which the company operates. By leveraging a large and dominant network, ARS aims to continue building a reputation for being responsive, agile, and customer-centric. This company is committed to delivering excellent service by leveraging digital solutions.

Because they were moving toward a more data-driven way of managing operations, ARS decided to use a data warehouse instead of maintaining multiple data sources. Such a change would enable them to answer business questions quickly and accurately, because they would be using a single-source of truth for data analysis and modeling. During implementation, ARS encountered some common challenges and limitations with data integration, data transformation, and data extraction during implementation. They attributed the errors they observed to problems with an open source ETL product they had been using. Their ultimate goal was to enable data transfer between Snowflake and Excel without needing to write custom Python code. In addition, they would need to transform data in such a way that it could be loaded to the Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) tool they use. In order to accomplish this goal they knew they would need to draw upon the expertise of a data consultant.

At ARS, analytics drive both the onboarding process for technicians and the prediction of traffic conditions, identifying areas for growth. Both of these functions are vital in providing high quality service to their customers. Data errors and integration-related challenges resulted in reports that did not meet their expectations for quality. The team at ARS saw an opportunity for their company to grow at a fast pace, but concerns about data integrity stood in the way. The internal team at ARS wanted to quickly resolve any issues with using the data warehouse by partnering with a professional in data warehouse technology.

The Data Sleek team analyzed the existing infrastructure setup and were quick to provide solutions that minimized time, effort, and cost required. “Our objective was to build a robust data warehouse solution with data coming from multiple sources into Snowflake.” said Kamal, a Project Manager at Data Sleek.

We needed to ensure that individuals at the business would be able to use the analytics platform for running everyday queries and reports. Our first step was to use dimensional modeling to help model their data, providing documentation along the way. Understanding the client’s data attributes and mapping them accurately proved to be the most challenging aspect of the project.

Once modeling was complete, we automated the transformation of their data with open source software called Data Build Tool (DBT). The team at Data-Sleek worked closely with the team at ARS, asking questions to understand their needs and gain a thorough understanding of the data our client was working with.


The team at ARS now has a deeper understanding of how they can leverage organizational data. This collaboration resulted in a strongly aligned data ecosystem that meets the company’s standards for reliability, trustworthiness, and scalability.  All aspects of data transformation are now streamlined and ARS team members can build complex queries and automations with confidence. ARS now manages daily operations with custom-built dashboards, knowing that what they see is an accurate representation of all their data. The client reports that working with Data Sleek has enhanced their ability to make data-driven decisions. As a result, they have seen a positive impact on both business outcomes and business culture. 


ARS then chose to be part of the “Data Sleek Give Back Program” by involving students from UCLA Anderson, Master of Science in Business Analytics to work on 2 separate projects: Dispatch Pool Logic Optimization and Hotspot Forecasting. They went on to integrate the results of both projects into their main application platform.