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Data-Driven Future of Telehealth: Health Karma’s Story

Health Karma: Leading Telehealth Provider of Easy, Affordable Access to Multi-Faceted Wellcare Solutions

A visit to the doctor’s office is no longer necessary to receive proper care. Now, one telehealth company is providing a new way for patients to schedule every step of their wellcare routine from their phone. Its solution gives patients access to providers without traditional barriers like visit availability and insurance requirements. Such is not an easy feat. With big visions come big challenges. Discover how Health Karma took charge of its data and created a healthier system for itself and its customers.

Leading the Charge in the Wellcare Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for the telehealth industry that changed the US market. Many healthcare providers responded to the increased demand and propelled telehealth into the mainstream. Market growth surged in 2020 with a $29.6 billion valuation and a CAGR of +22.9%. Experts can safely say telehealth is here to stay, and one company is positioning itself to lead the charge.

Step into the world of Health Karma, a subscription-based telehealth platform. Health Karma is more than just a service provider offering a comprehensive suite of virtual care services. From primary and specialty care to mental health support, pharmacy needs, and even veterinary consultations, Health Karma is a leading one-stop shop for wellcare.

Its services address the notoriously siloed healthcare system. Getting holistic care forces patients to navigate a fragmented landscape of providers. The company’s unique model streamlines access to a wide range of services through a single user-friendly platform.

Health Karma’s value proposition is not just about convenience. The company eliminates the barriers from traditional insurance models. There are no more co-pays, deductibles, or coverage denials. Instead, it promises its members a hassle-free experience that gives patients the quality care they need quickly.

Unlike its competitors, Health Karma’s approach extends beyond its provider ecosystem. It makes access to quality care easier for patients by bypassing traditional insurance’s complex rules and restrictions. The company offers tailored subscription packages for individuals, employers, associations, and municipalities. Arguably, its greatest offering is accessible services for everyone—with or without insurance.

Unifying wellcare under a subscription-based umbrella struck a chord with consumers frustrated by a fragmented healthcare system. The company saw explosive growth in line with the COVID-19 pandemic telehealth surge. But for all the good Health Karma was bringing into the marketplace, it began showing symptoms of internal distress. Rapid growth put pressure on its internal systems.

The Challenge: Health Karma's Data Infrastructure Exhibits Symptoms of Stress

Health Karma’s comprehensive wellcare solutions impacted the market by unifying a wide range of telehealth services. In addition to connecting patients with providers on a single platform, the company provides users with digital coaches, health goal tracking, and in-app virtual visits. Customers can connect their health history with Health Karma and receive custom recommendations based on their unique health goals. With outputs from various sources, managing data became cumbersome and difficult.

The company wanted to create a platform that pooled patient data to uncover insights into their health journey. A comprehensive suite of services gave Health Karma its competitive edge in the telehealth industry. After all, no other telehealth company maintained access to a patient’s healthcare journey in one place. Health Karma needed a data solution that could streamline this rare market opportunity. But like the wellcare industry, Heath Karma’s data was siloed and fragmented.

The company needed a way to extract data from various sources, load it into one database, and transform it into something more useful. Pulling data from multiple sources required a dashboard that modeled and visualized individual patient data. This solution could provide customers with a 360-degree outlook from the palm of their hand. Health Karma already had a competitive edge, but an app that addressed a user’s wellcare journey bolstered its one-stop-shop offerings.

Health Karma also wanted to use data to create better offerings for its customers. Its mission is to create a harmonious cycle of well-being that translates into the company’s business model. It believes that doing good for its customers creates a better world for everyone. The company needed a greater level of business intelligence to understand its customers’ needs.

Its services segment users into four main categories: individuals, employers, associations, and municipalities. Decision-makers needed access to real-time user data for each segment. It already understood that larger accounts like municipalities and associations used its platform differently than employers and individuals, but they needed to learn precisely how. Without the ability to make data-driven decisions, it forfeited profitable opportunities.

Data accuracy was critical to the well-being of its customers and decision-making strategy. With all its diverse and individual offerings, combining data posed significant challenges in maintaining integrity and driving actionable insights. Flawed data could cripple Health Karma’s ability to make informed decisions that align with its customer-focused mission. Even worse, inaccurate or incomplete data could lead to misguided recommendations for its customers, leaving them open to unforeseen data risks.

The company’s growing health databases put it at risk for compliance issues. Handling sensitive information about a customer’s health history required a system that could secure its data. As the risk for data cyberattacks increases, Health Karma needed to ensure its data was safeguarded from possible attacks.

Health Karma’s innovative business model hinged on its ability to provide customers with quality care. As the company grew, so did its data risks and challenges.

The deadline for a data solution was quickly drawing near and a robust data management system would be a lifesaver.

The Solution: Health Karma's Vision Restored with Cleaner Data

Health Karma knew it needed to see a specialist for its data management challenges. Managing its data quickly grew beyond its ability to control with rudimentary systems. Its founder knew it had to reach out to the Data-Sleek team.

Data-Sleek carefully assessed the situation and provided the company with a data plan that considered each data challenge. The Data-Sleek team used Health Karma’s existing infrastructure to integrate data into one dynamic dashboard seamlessly. This allowed Health Karma’s team members to run reports and analyze data quickly and accurately to understand its customers’ needs. It also provided a quick and accessible way to segment user data.

Using the extract, load, transform (ELT) method, Data-Sleek created a pipeline and a data warehouse that Health Karma could use to model its data. Its new infrastructure provides valuable insights for Health Karma’s customers at the click of a button. Users could view insights and receive recommendations based on their health history in one convenient place.

The solution also allowed the company to personalize user dashboards by segment. A streamlined data ecosystem enabled the company to monitor KPIs and identify areas for improvement based on customer segmentation. Its new dashboard unlocked previously hidden key insights into segment behavior.

Using sophisticated data management tools gave Health Karma peace of mind when it came to security. Ensuring data accuracy, integrity, and security is a critical part of the healthcare sector. Data-Sleek implemented systems that included access controls, quality checks, and encryption mechanisms in line with policies and regulations. Its solution helps Health Karma safeguard sensitive patient information while maintaining the highest levels of data reliability.

Data-Sleek’s solution solved Health Karma’s immediate issues while also laying the foundation for future success. As Health Karma continues to expand its groundbreaking offerings, its robust data management framework enables the company to scale with confidence. The results exceeded expectations.

The Results: Just What the Doctor Ordered–And Then Some

Health Karma’s investment in a data management system provided a better outcome than expected. Its robust data management system opened the door to insights and opportunities in the market hidden in siloed data. These insights helped the company pivot to include more differentiated offerings that helped secure more market share. Just as there were external opportunities, so were there internal ones.

Health Karma Serves Customers Better

The company used its dashboards to examine its processes more closely and determine what roadblocks prevented users from enrolling. New insights from customer behavior took the guesswork out of understanding its customers and what problems they might face. Based on the data, the company implemented slightly different procedures based on the behavior of each segment.

As a result, Health Karma increased its conversion rates by an estimated 25% while improving its already high retention rate. Its ability to segment data helped craft better marketing and outreach campaigns. Integrated data pipelines quickly and efficiently sorted customers based on enrollment process and health history. Reports from this data offered insights to other departments like marketing and sales. As a result, the company’s subscriber base significantly increased while also improving the email open rate.

Data Discoveries Lead to New Opportunities

Providing customers with accurate data about their health history also generated a greater return than expected. Cutting-edge data reporting capabilities led to new partnerships and innovative product offerings. One example is its latest service, HealthScoreAi. Its powerful use of data metrics combined with artificial intelligence capabilities provides users with a health score similar to a credit score. End-to-end architecture helped enhance Health Karma’s deliverables and engagement in an unprecedented way.

From a strategic perspective, implementing a robust data infrastructure gave Health Karma the tools it needed to understand its customer segments best. The company plans to roll out new services that include personalized cost estimates, payment portals for appointments, and real-time benefits tracking. Scalable infrastructure ensures the company can handle the data load of whatever groundbreaking discoveries it finds.

With Data-Sleek’s cutting-edge solution in place, Health Karma can continue focusing on its core mission to deliver exceptional and comprehensive telehealth services. As they say, “What goes around, comes around.” Health Karma continues to see its returns multiply by doing well by its customers. And that’s something to feel good about.

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