How To Simplify Data Pipelines with FiveTran?

With the massive and continuing growth of the global datasphere and cloud-based applications and activities, businesses have become more and more dependent on data. Organizations that can turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights and bleeding-edge products will thrive, while others will falter.

Today we will discuss Fivetran, a tool that allows a business to radically simplify its data pipelines.


  • Landed its first customer in 2015 and now serves over 1,100 customers.
  • Is based in Oakland, CA, and currently valued at $1.2bn.
  • Is often paired with Snowflake data warehouse, and can also send data to Redshift, BigQuery, and Azure and other destinations.
  • Can connect to 100+ different data sources and stream data to a data warehouse of your choice.

What is Fivetran?

Fivetran offers fully-automated data connectors that replicate data from sources such as:

  • Enterprise software tools (i.e. SaaS)
  • Operational systems and transactional databases
  • Event tracking from web browsers and applications
  • File storage
  • Sensor data, i.e. internet-of-things (IoT)

to destinations such as data warehouses and data lakes.

Data connectors by Fivetran are zero-maintenance and automatically keep up with API schema changes, so that users don’t need to worry about data pipeline maintenance downtime. In short, Fivetran automates the most tedious and onerous tasks within data engineering, allowing data and IT teams to focus on producing reports, dashboards, predictive models, and machine learning applications.

A recent data analyst survey by Fivetran found that only 34% of data analyst time is wasted trying to access data, and only 50% of data analyst time is spent analyzing data. Another study found that of the Fortune 500, around 85% are unable to fully leverage their data for a competitive advantage. These findings point to a vast, unmet need for fast, efficient data integration.

Data pipeline services like Fivetran save users the costs, time, and hassle of creating and maintaining data pipelines.

Fivetran is Part of the Modern Data Stack

Cloud-based data sources, especially SaaS applications, have exploded in popularity. The challenge of integrating this huge variety of data has been met by the development of cloud-based data integration tools. Fivetran is one element of a suite of cloud-based technologies that facilitate data integration. In total, the parts of this modern data stack include:

  1. Data pipelines like Fivetran
  2. Cloud-based warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake
  3. Data transformation and data modeling tools such as dbt
  4. Fast, browser-based business intelligence tools with easy-to-use interfaces and collaborative features, such as Looker, Tableau, Qlike or Mode

For more advanced use cases, such as those involving unstructured data, data lakes may be used as destinations, and data science platforms may be layered on top of transformations.

Simplify with Data Sleek, Fivetran, and Snowflake

With the growth of new data sources, technologies, and tools, the ability to move data rapidly and efficiently has become a basic business need. Your internal data is a powerful asset. To stay ahead of the curve, consider deprecating classic data pipelines in favor of cloud-based, modern data pipelines.

This move is made more accessible with Data Solutions Agencies like Data Sleek. With Data Sleek, you get a team of data engineers and scientists with experience in Fivetran, dbt and Snowflake computing. Let Data Sleek evaluate your data bottlenecks and lost revenue gaps and help you close them.

Building a long-term business requires sustainable data infrastructure and the expertise to manage it. Many of our customers utilize our skill-sets while maintaining in-house staff as we complement what you are already doing. This helps your Team develop the relevant skills in parallel with our experts. We will work together to help you define technical specifications following best practices.

If you are considering a rapid data pipeline using Fivetran, please reach out to us. Or, if you’re ready to talk, you can simply navigate our “Contact Us” page and tell us a little more about you and your business.

We leverage technologies like Fivetran to help our clients, and we can do the same for you.

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