Data Warehousing

Unify all of your data in a single location and get accurate KPIs

Integrate data from numerous sources in one place

Your data is scattered across applications. While each application may offer a valuable function, tracking, analyzing and interpreting raw decentralized data is challenging. Leverage our expertise in data warehousing to unify your data in a clear, secure and reliable system.

Create a single source of truth

Multiple departments and employees may have different names for different metrics. Different applications also name inputs differently. With a data warehouse, you get a single place where all the data is named consistently – no matter what application it came from. Fetch all reporting data from a single source that is easily accessible.

Our clients love Data Sleek

Data Sleek’s commitment is unmatched; truly first class. Their Business Analysts provided an accurate and important Sales and Fulfillment Analysis report which will definitely help us drive some important business decisions.

Ron Peled , SQQUID, CEO

Wonderful experience, team was responsive and deeply knowledgeable, would recommend!

Alex Lee , NUMERADE, Co-Founder
Maintain data continuity and accuracy

Capture historical data to get a comprehensive view of your business over the long term. Retain data even after it’s removed from the source system.

Why Data Warehousing?

As your business grows, it may become more difficult to make decisions that steer your business in the right direction, especially if all your data is housed in various places. We are often approached by businesses who have their data reporting in different systems that don’t talk to one another seamlessly.

Ready to bring data under one roof?

Bring data from multiple locations to a system that is secure and provides your business a single source of truth.

Whether you need large batches of data with quick turnaround or expansive reports with simple queries, we can help you.