Data Warehousing

As your business grows, it may become more difficult to make decisions that steer your business in the right direction, especially if all your data is housed in various places. We are often approached by businesses who have their data reporting in different systems that don’t talk to one another seamlessly.

What if you could unify all of your data into a single location and give precise business metrics for your business’s KPIs?

Enter Data Warehousing: the technology that pulls data from multiple sources so that it can be analyzed together for a better understanding of corporate performance(s). 

How Can Data Sleek Help Build Your Data Warehouse?

We work through five core pillars of data warehousing for the benefit of your business. These pillars are: Dimensional Modeling, Data Integration, Transformation, Data Governance, and Analytics. In using our team of data experts, we dig deeper into your data and find actionable insights that give you an advantage over your competition.

Our Five Pillars of Data Warehousing

Dimensional Modeling

This is the data structure technique optimized for data storage in data warehousing. This is important so that there is faster retrieval of your data. The business intelligence (BI) systems we build for you will combine the right facts and dimensions to fulfill all your report needs.

Data Integration

We love technology and place a high priority on keeping up with the latest trends in data management. This is why we specialize in online pipeline services like Fivetran and Stitch Data to stream data into the warehouse. Then, we connect to all of your data sources (like Facebook, Google Ads, ZenDesk, Segment, Braze, Web-App logs, S3, APIs, etc) that are used by both your employees and customers.


We use DBT (Data Building Tool) to transform your data into analytics. DBT is a development environment built for data analysts and engineers to transform data through select statements. We use DBT to write code that allows your reports to run dramatically faster! Your fears of data loss or being held captive by your data is a thought of the past with the help of Data Sleek.

Data Governance

Data Governance is defined as a set of principles and practices that ensure quality through the entire lifecycle of data. It is a practical and actionable framework to identify and meet information needs. Part of managing data are the system rules,  processes, and procedures, to make sure there is consistency and accountability for information processes and their execution and usage. At Data Sleek we can help you implement a data governance solution to keep your data safe, clean, compliant, and to provide a single source of truth for your data warehouse.


Dimensional modeling and analytics are closely tied together. Proper modeling fact and dimension tables are key to report efficiency, allowing high user concurrency while providing fast reports and flexibility. Fact and Dimension tables give the ability to generate aggregated tables which can summarize your data any way you want while providing fast report response for data visualization tools such as Tableau, Mode, Qlik ,or Looker.

Leveraging the skill sets of our team at Data Sleek, you are no longer worrying about the additional man hours it could take to pull all of your data from its independent sources. Instead, you are building toward logical and successful business decisions. We use popular methods like Snowflake Computing for warehousing and SingleStore (formally MemSQL) for fast data ingestion with real-time analytics.

Data Sleek helps your data maintain its integrity from the point of sale up to the board of directors, allowing you to rest easy at night knowing everything is taken care of.

Data Lake and AWS Lake Formation?

Data Lakes, like warehouses store data. But they differ in the type of data stored – data lakes
are vast pools of raw, unprocessed data, the purpose of which is not yet defined. Data
Warehouses are processed, structured ,and filtered data, stored for a purpose.

Data Sleek supports Data Lake Formation when applicable for future use based on business

Why Should You Choose Data Sleek?

If you are a small or medium-sized business who wants to go from “just getting by” with your analytics to seeing actionable insights in a snap, we can help. In choosing Data Sleek, your data goes from multiple locations (that are potentially unreliable) to a system that is secure and provides your business a single source of truth. Whether you need large batches of data with quick turnaround or expansive reports with simple queries, we can help you.

Data Sleek can build custom business intelligence (BI) dashboards that you can use for decision-making, problem-solving, and discover patterns hidden in your data. This allows you to navigate your business’s market and come out the winner above your competition every time.

Let us handle your data so that you can do what you do best. Contact Us today for more information.

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