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Sqquid and Data-Sleek Ink Deal to Transform E-Commerce Fulfillment

Sqquid: Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge Omnichannel Inventory and Fulfillment Services

In today’s digital age, growing an e-commerce business across multiple sales channels is easier than ever. However, managing that multi-channel from an inventory and sales perspective takes a lot of work. Sqquid, an innovative retail management platform, is taking the guesswork out of some of e-commerce’s most complex challenges and helping omnichannel retailers scale more efficiently.

The retail landscape is ultra-competitive. In the U.S. alone, the retail sector spans over 3 million companies with annual sales totaling $1.119 trillion. Survival of the fittest includes selling in-person and online across multiple channels. Studies show that companies using 3+ sales channels see a whopping 251% increase in consumer engagement compared to single-channel retailers. Operating on one channel alone puts retailers at a significant disadvantage.

Omni-channel selling presents some unique challenges in the retail landscape. Selling across multiple channels requires users to manage individual inventory libraries unique to each channel. Things become further complicated for retailers with multiple shipping locations. While managing the complexities of an omnichannel operation is complex, retailers have no choice but to compete in the digitized landscape to survive.

Sqquid provides e-tailers with a centralized product to tame this operational chaos. Their intuitive platform integrates inventory management and order fulfillment into a user-friendly solution that helps users adapt to the ever-changing retail trends. The goal? To help smaller businesses compete better by streamlining some of their most daunting tasks.

The e-commerce sector projects a +9.5% year-over-year growth as consumer behavior rapidly shifts post-COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean brick-and-mortar retail businesses are going away. In fact, the number of new traditional retail stores opening is growing. Sqquid ensures these retailers remain agile and data-driven with a cloud-based management system that streamlines POS/ERP with their online inventories, making growing their business online and offline even easier.

At its core, Sqquid is a game-changer for cross-channel retailing. It makes the seemingly impossible task of managing inventory from brick-and-mortar, curbside pickup, and online orders across multiple major e-commerce channels a breeze. It also offers shipping automations that enable geo-routing, curbside pickup, and dropshipping capabilities. For many retailers, Sqquid is the secret weapon that empowers them to stay competitive in a cutthroat industry.

Sqquid’s innovative retail management platform had the potential to revolutionize how omnichannel businesses operate. By integrating inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping across multiple sales channels into one centralized system, Sqquid empowered retailers to manage and grow their businesses. However, as Sqquid’s customer base rapidly expanded, the company developed its own challenges. Its data management obstacles threatened to undermine the very solution it provided.

The Problem: Too Many Tentacles Tangle Sqquid’s Data

Omnichannel retailers took in a significant amount of data across multiple channels. Managing their inventory and shipping processes became increasingly difficult as the companies grew. This overwhelming influx of data sometimes prevented businesses from growing beyond a single sales channel.

Sqquid’s solution aggregated and synchronized inventory and order data from various platforms. It extended beyond online channels, centralizing data from e-commerce, POS, and ERP systems into a single platform. However, each channel needed its own unique data structures and APIs that required meticulous integration. Sqquid built its value proposition by providing a real-time synchronized view of each retailer’s data. More customers meant more data to manage, and soon, major bottlenecks began to form.

Ingesting data from multiple sources for each customer put pressure on its infrastructure. Sluggish data pipelines caused delays in inventory updates that led to stockouts. Query response times slowed to a crawl. Data lockouts prevented users from accessing the data needed for timely decision-making. Sqquid risked its reputation for providing speed and reliability that customers depended on to run their business.

Sqquid needed a new data management system that handled immense catalog and transaction volumes across various sales channels but also one that could add more value. Customers needed the capability to automate multi-channel processes like order routing, inventory rebalancing, and dropshipping rules to stay agile. Sqquid wanted to exceed their expectations while creating an intuitive UI for smaller retailers unfamiliar with a robust multi-channel management system. Such was not an easy task.

Sqquid had taken its vision as far as it could go. Data challenges made providing timely and accurate service increasingly tricky. It knew it needed a professional team of data architects that could transform its data challenges into data victories. Sqquid—and its customers—depended on it.

The Solution: Sqquid Puts Ink to Paper with Data-Sleek

Sqquid understood the key to continued growth and innovation was mastering their data. The company contacted Data-Sleek to build a robust, future-proof data backbone. Data-Sleek and its veteran industry experts enlisted a team of Master-level students from UCLA Anderson’s Master of Science in Business Analytics curriculum to help with the task.

One of the first initiatives tackled involved transitioning Sqquids data into a modern data warehouse. The team designed a multi-layered schema with cleanly separated fact and dimension tables, allowing Sqquid to model its data more efficiently.

New dimensional modeling captured all of Sqquid’s omnichannel data elements, from granular product inventory and customer orders to shipments and supplier integrations. Clear hierarchies with multiple levels of data were implemented as snowflake schemas that enabled a custom dashboard for its customers. This streamlined dashboard view incorporated more elements into user dashboards that were previously unavailable.

The new system improved some of its existing challenges. Slow query times that exceeded minutes or timed out were retrieved in seconds. Previously locked or duplicated data under the old system was optimized and structured, enhancing data reliability and observability.

With a cutting-edge data infrastructure, Sqquid could offer users a more robust service than ever before. Retailers could automatically geo-route orders by proximity and inventory levels. For drop shippers, the system allowed users to create custom rules to designate dropship locations on an SKU-level basis.

Sqquid’s upgrade enabled retailers to merchandize products differently on each channel. It also allowed users to stage new products on the Sqquid software without showing them live on online sales channels. Best of all, the data went from being error-prone and clunky to 99.9% accurate, ensuring complete transmission between channels.

Data-Sleek’s solution turned Sqquid’s biggest data challenge into its greatest competitive advantage. Its future-proof infrastructure makes it even easier for omnichannel retailers to manage and grow their businesses using Sqquid’s flexible and agile inventory management tools.

The Results: Sqquid Nets A Huge Success

Since partnering with Data-SLeek to overhaul its data infrastructure, Sqquid’s omnichannel retail management platform is experiencing tremendous success. The company unlocked new capabilities that are continuing to revolutionize how its customers manage inventory and fulfillment.

Its modern data warehouse and dimensional data modeling implemented by Data-Sleek enables Sqquid to enhance is products with more powerful features. Compared to others in themarket, Sqquid holds the advantage for seamless and streamlined connectivity across popular online sales channels. Users looking to upgrade from basic POS systems have access to a user-friendly and affordable inventory and fulfillment option. Its pre-made dashboards make it easier for retailers to see important KPIs relevant to their unique businesses.

As a result, customers have never been happier. Sqquid saw a significant increase in customer conversion and retention rates. Its one-stop-shop offering gives users a centralized view that makes it easy to manage multi-channel operations.

Implementing a more effective data management system also gave Sqquid the tools needed to succeed. Data-Sleek’s solution reduced inventory management costs by an estimated 50%. Centralized data allows Sqquid to understand and monitor user behavior, providing a full-access view of business insights that drive decision-making.

“Data-Sleek’s commitment to quality is unmatched,” states Ron Peled, CEO of Sqquid. “Their business analysts provided us with an invaluable sales and fulfillment analysis report that will help us make some important strategic decisions.”

The results speak volumes: happier customers, increased conversion rates, and a remarkable 50% reduction in inventory management costs. Sqquid’s commitment to excellence, fortified by Data-Sleek’s partnership, ensures that data management isn’t just a challenge—it’s the cornerstone of competitive advantage.

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