Data Science

Data Science is a term that can encompass a lot of different data related services. Some of these you can learn more about under Data Architecture or Data Engineering. Let’s break down why data science is so important and how it can positively impact your business!

Why Data Science is Important For Your Business?

As the amount of business data increases and becomes available, large enterprises and tech companies are not the only ones who can utilize Data Science. Data Science takes large enterprise data models and convert them to suit your specific business and objectives.

Data science methods can make comparisons to competition, analyze markets, explore historical data, with the ultimate goal of giving you the best recommendations of where and when products and services sell best. This can give companies the ability to tailor products as needed, and business practices for best case scenarios.

At Data Sleek, we help small and medium-sized businesses make their entry point into data management and collection.

We will help you make decisions and predictions based on casual and predictive analytics, and machine learning. Strategize the best course of action to make your data work best for you.

When we take you on as a client we will emphasize these key areas of special data analysis:

  • Deep user behavior analysis
  • Predictive insights
  • Product comparisons
  • Product categories
  • Fraud detection

How We Use Data Science To Help you

Better Data Based on Better Analytics
Helps management teams have the best available data that communicates and demonstrates their analytics capabilities to be utilized to improve decision making processes.

Identify Data Opportunities
Question the existent processes and systems with the goal of development and improvement to methods and analytical algorithms.

Target Audiences
Almost all companies collect audience data, via Google analytics, Facebook’s pixel, customer surveys, or some other method. But if not well utilized you could be missing key demographics segments that could be interested in your product or service.

Predictive Causal Analytics
Helps predict the possibilities of a particular event in the future by applying predictive causal analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics
Data models with the intelligence to make their own decisions and the ability to modify it’s parameters.

This is a relatively new field that the Data Science team at Data Sleek is innovating for small and medium-sized businesses.

Machine Learning
Using your transactional data to build models based on future trends using MI algorithms. A paradigm called “supervised learning,” so we teach our machines how to learn. We also use MI for pattern discovery to find new areas of revenue growth for your business. 
At Data Sleek, we take data seriously and want to explore the possibilities with you.

We will present you with recommendations that will positively affect your business decisions. We utilize essential technical tools and skill sets such as:

At Data Sleek, we take data seriously and want to explore the possibilities with you.

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